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by Wil Groot in Print in Gay News 338, oktober 2019 - from page no. 26

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With Diva Mayday, I’m sitting in an outdoor café in her neighborhood as we would meet for an interview. We have known each other for a long time now.

aug 2019       
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The law of attraction states that similar energies are drawn together. The outside world is a reflection of yourself, because you attract everything you experience. I'm speaking to Suzanne on the phone. She has decided to run for Miss Leather Netherlands.

aug 2019       
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People regularly tell me that Amsterdam is no longer what it once was. In the past, there were shows in cafés and discos they tell me. Of course, everything is temporary and yes, half of these former gay establishments are gone, but a lot is still happening, and unforgettable evenings can still be had. IDAHOTIQZ was such an evening, but let me start at the beginning.

aug 2019       
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To award the title of International Mister Bootblack, this competition has been around for twenty-seven years, with twenty-six consecutive winners from America or Canada. Kriszly is sitting in front of me, with a radiant smile on his face. He is the first European to earn the title International Mister Bootblack.

jun 2019       
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Around 10 p.m. on the evening before King’s Day I arrive at Amsterdam Central Station. The station is quiet, but when I walk outside the station, it is busy, but not that busy. I wander in the direction of Westerstraat, to me the heart of the Jordaan district. Some friends are having a beer in front of a second-hand store. Two hours later, we are getting the party started.

jun 2019       
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Some look down on the fetish scene, but in this day and age, it is important that people can show their true feelings. Sitting next to me at The Web Bar is Raymond Timmer, now a well-known name in the gay community and not just in Amsterdam.

mei 2019       
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Roosters wake me up, and a faint light comes through the small windows of my cabin. I briefly turn over, but wake up a little later because of a serenade of rooster calls. O well, it is time to get up anyway. I step into the kitchen of the main building and put on a kettle of water on the stove. With an empty bucket I head to the water tank and fill the bucket for a quarter with rain water.

apr 2019       
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With my hand up, a tattoo glued to my hand and with an angry look, I want everyone to know that I’ve had enough... “What are you fed up with?” Anton the photographer wants to know. “With the violence, aggression and the hatred against GLBTI+.” There are a lot of people at the protest event. It also strikes me that there are a lot of young people who have themselves photographed by Anton de Bruin, the engine behind the virtual barricade.

mrt 2019       
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I kept thinking of this saying throughout a restless night. It is made clear in my dream that I should be tested for hepatitis C. In my dream I was tested. Doctors with serious faces, nurses with those caps on, and sombre faces are passing by with needles and that index finger raised.

feb 2019       
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I am in the Transkei in South Africa, where I have been working on projects since 2007. The first five years I focused on AIDS orphans. After this period, we’re focussing on destitute children and their environment. To this day I am regularly besieged by women who want to marry me, being a single white man.

jan 2019       
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A message from my sister. “Hey Wil, can you give a presentation in Enkhuizen? Please contact Lia Brouwer, she works for West-Friesland Libraries.” Sometime later, I speak to Lia on the phone and hear what they would like me to do if I’m interested in giving a presentation during the Pink Week West-Friesland. “We would like to have you represent the GLBT community as a gay author.”

dec 2018       
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Last July, the book “Droom van een Vrijbuiter” was presented at Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage. The book is written by Wil Groot, who has been active in the battle against HIV and AIDS in South Africa for many years now. In his book Groot has put down his experciences in a country which is different from our own in almost everything.

nov 2018       
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Over de auteur
Wil Groot heeft, nadat bij hem hiv werd gediagnosticeerd, zijn “uitbundige levensstijl” radicaal omgegooid en is ondertussen al weer vele jaren in Zuid-Afrika actief in de strijd tegen hiv en aids. Eerder dit jaar publiceerde hij het boek Droom van een vrijbuiter, waarin hij zijn ervaringen in een land dat in bijna alles verschilt van het onze heeft vastgelegd. Kijk op voor meer informatie.




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