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by Sandro Kortekaas in Print in Gay News 340, december 2019 - from page no. 34

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It is a tradition by now. “Your Daily Male,” the only male-art tear-off calendar in the world, is now in its fifth edition and published by Galerie MooiMan in Groningen. Fifty-two international artists have contributed to a colorful tear-off calendar in which the male takes centre stage. The calendar weighs more than two pounds and is four centimeter thick.

dec 2019       
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In February 2019, photographer Ewoud Broeksma passed away completely unexpectedly at the age of sixty-one. He was a striking photographer primarily known for his many nude photos of top athletes, such as Epke Zonderland.

nov 2019       
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Gallery MooiMan male-art has organized the second edition of “Hollandse Nieuwe.” This group exhibition, in which nine known and unknown artists from The Netherlands show their latest works, will be open to the public until May 18.

apr 2019       
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It remains intriguing to see men in the same pose, both clothed and nude. Currently the exhibition “Hot Doubles” is on view at Sauna NZ. The exhibition shows works from the ongoing project of photographer Ewoud Broeksma - models who are photographed both dressed and naked, in the same pose.

jan 2019       
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Till January 27, another high-profile exhibition at Gallery MooiMan male-art is on display in Play with Me. Three artists are at the heart of this cheerful exhibition on the theme Art and Seduction.

dec 2018       
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An In-Depth Conversation With Gerd As A Painter’s Muse. From September 9 to November 1, gallery MooiMan male-art shows a solo exhibition of the work of Peter Schauwecker (1936, Feuchtwangen, Germany). Males, many males, in many drawings, watercolors and oil paintings, virtually weightless, free from gravity, silent in all their nakedness and innocence.

okt 2018       
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Till September 9, 2018 gallery MooiMan male-art, Noorderstationsstraat 40, Groningen, presents a double exhibition in which two extremes come together.

aug 2018       
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“My polaroids are simply Super Gay,” says a smiling, but somewhat shy Johnny Abbate, an Italian photographer living in Berlin and born in Naples, at selecting some of his work for the group exhibition. He is participating with five other, mostly Berliner artists.

apr 2018       
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Gallery MooiMan tries to answer the question whether a muse can be male by organizing the exhibition “Favorites: Seven Artists and Their Muse.” This exhibition in the gallery in Groningen, which has been reopened after a renovation that was necessary because of earthquake damages, is open to the public till December 10, 2017. How do male artists get inspiration from their favorite male muse?

nov 2017       
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How are artists influenced by pornography? This can be seen from February 5 onwards at gallery MooiMan. Erotic seduction in art and by artists viewed from the world of porn. With earlier theme shows, such as “My Female Eye” on how female artists perceive the naked man, and “My Classic Eye,” in which nudity is seen from a classical point of view, it’s now pornography’s turn.

feb 2017       
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Russian Painter Sergey Sovkov: ‘My Husband Erwin and I Have One Inspiration Together’. Until October 29 the exhibition “Connected: Male Love Without Borders” is on display at the Groningen gallery MooiMan. This is a show with works by two artists: the Russian painter Sergey Sovkov, and the English ceramicist Keith King. The theme “Connected” is visible in many ways.

okt 2016       
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In the theme exhibition “My Naked Eye,” gallery MooiMan presents seven artists showing the naked man in photography, video, and installations. The nude male still is a controversial subject. In the turn of history, nudity in art, but also in public space, has always triggered extreme emotions - admiration, desire, passion, jealousy, contempt, discrimination, and hatred...

jul 2016       
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Till Feb. 20, Gallery MooiMan has the exhibition running with the title “The New Classic Men,” with art by four artists. The underlying themes are love and passion. In a four-part series of exhibitions, Gallery MooiMan shows their vision on the male in art. This time through “The New Classic Men,” with renowned artists from the Netherlands and abroad, to know: two painters: Wim Heldens and Rob de Lange from the Netherlands; one artist from the Russian Federation who dares to come out of anonymity for the first time: Sergei Svetlakov; and one sculptor: Marcel Julius Joosen, also Dutch.

jan 2016       
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A Conversation with Jaap de Jonge. What state is the social emancipation of gay men in the Netherlands in? This is the opening question of the blurb of photographer Jaap de Jonge’s book Kijk mij eens! (Look at Me!), recently published by Gallery MooiMan in Groningen.

dec 2015       
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Last May, the Moscow Pride was banned again for the tenth year in a row, with violent arrests taking place. Everyone in the Netherlands knows that the Russian Federation is a homophobic country. COC Netherlands has asked the Dutch Immigration and Nationalization Service (IND) to treat gay asylum seekers with leniency. But if only this were true.

jul 2015       
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This spring, Gallery MooiMan organizes a series of exhibitions in which thematic visions on the male in art are displayed. The tripartite exhibition’s first part, “Masculin Masters: the New Figurative Men,” will not only show works by prominent artists such as Daniel Barkley (Canada), but will also see the launch of the eighth book published by the gallery - a biography of Cornelius McCarthy.

feb 2015       
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