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Wednesday 08 Apr
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Your Daily Male 2020, Award-Winning Male Art Calendar Prohibited on Facebook

by Sandro Kortekaas in Theatre, Art & Expo , 12 December 2019

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar
length: 6 minuten

It is a tradition by now. “Your Daily Male,” the only male-art tear-off calendar in the world, is now in its fifth edition and published by Galerie MooiMan in Groningen. Fifty-two international artists have contributed to a colorful tear-off calendar in which the male takes centre stage. The calendar weighs more than two pounds and is four centimeter thick.

Gert KistAnd this leap year, with one extra male! Moreover, it is a calendar that has since been internationally recognized as the world’s most beautiful male calendar. Yet, it is forbidden on Facebook.

“It was a shock,” says Jan van Stralen from the MooiMan gallery. “‘Best male-art calendar of the world’ was the honorary title we received last year from The Advocate, the largest US GLBT platform. After that, almost all GLBT magazines wrote about this exceptional and international publication. From Groningen!

This honorary title meant that the calendar, which is being issued as a limited edition of only 700, now is a collector’s item. The art calendar is for sale at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, among others, but not yet at any museum shop in the Netherlands. Because even though “Your Daily Male” received international recognition, it still remains necessary to fight for that recognition in other areas.

However, what also seems to be a tradition is Facebook, and its refusal of the cover. It supposedly violates its trade policy. The reason: “It seems that we did not approve your article because the sale of adult products or services (for example, items for a better sex life and adult videos) is not allowed.” The MooiMan gallery, which has its own product page on Facebook for “Your Daily Male,” and previously had no problems with covers, has objected to this. “Dear Facebook employees, ‘Your Daily Male’ is an award-winning publication by, among others, the largest American GLBT magazine ‘The Advocate.’

It is a platform for many international artists. Banning ‘Your Daily Male’ on Facebook is a direct violation of human rights in view of freedom of expression. It is therefore incorrect that Facebook views the expression as a sexually explicit product or service, since it is a book to which fifty-two international artists have contributed. We therefore would like to see this expression allowed on Facebook immediately.” There was - as might be expected - no response from Facebook.

“It is a great shame because we are back to square one,” explains Jan van Stralen. “We - Sandro and I - have been involved for over thirty years in what was once called the ‘Flikker Agenda,’ followed by the ‘Homogenda,’ as a combat weapon. It was in line with gay emancipation in the 1980s to also publish an agenda for and by gays in which, at the time unknown, photographers such as Erwin Olaf and Hans van Manen worked free of charge. Now we see that standing up for your rights means combatting the prudishness imposed by Facebook. A medium that determines for itself what is or is not permissible.

However, it is unclear from which frame of reference this stems from. After all, images on Facebook are often tested in Asian countries where there is a taboo on everything that has to do with nudity or sexuality. Facebook is completely indifferent to artists who have homosexuality playing a role in their work. Since Facebook also owns Instagram, it is only getting worse. The cover, which only show’s male body parts, namely chests, not private parts, is seen by Facebook as a sexually explicit product for no reason. Fortunately, we still have the regular free media in which we can bring out what is not visible on social media. Bizarre. Because that should not be what the discussion is about. What matters to us are the special compositions and beautiful art.”

For instance, a relatively large number of photographs is included in the fist-thick “Your Daily Male,” this year focusing on a special collaboration of various photographers, such as Stephen Tobias (Germany), Marco Cortese (Italy), Artem Korzh (Russia) and Peter Adres (Switzerland). With this, “Your Daily Male” not only shows how international the set-up of the calendar is, but also how intercontinental artists can work together. Even if that is not without risk in some countries, such as the Russian Federation.

Some Artists in Your Daily Male 2020 Highlighted

Stephan Tobias
Stephan Tobias (Germany)
Digital photo art is for Stephan a fascinating medium to playfully examine the relationship between the subject and the object. In his photo series he tries to make a personal statement about the relationship between the individual and the world around, as he sees it. As a gay male he tends to put a strong emphasis on the beauty and fragility of the human form and to question how it is perceived and what it means aesthetically.

Marco Cortese (Italy)
Marco Cortese is an architect and photographer. In his photos his daily world blends in with the discovery of beauty. With his iconic model, Stephan Tobias, he explores the visual potential of his research.

Artem KorzhArtem Korzh (Russia)
Artem Korzh is a Russian photographer. Some of the photo’s in “Your Daily Male” were taken on March 8, 2019. In St. Petersburg, this time of year is still quite cold and the snow is around. The idea of the series was to show the mutual understanding and love of man and nature. Sometimes nature may not be quite comfortable for a person, but there is always a lot of everything beautiful in it.

Peter Andres (Switzerland)
Peter Andres takes pictures as he wants. Formerly, he has always done what his clients wanted or that he found out what they needed effectively. Now he is free, so he can decide for himself what he wants and in which direction his works should go in their meaning and effect. In other words, he pushes the pixels there where he needs them, which means “Digital Painting,” or he interacts also in front of the camera.

Peter Andres

Paul Binnie (USA)
Paul Binnie is a Scottish artist now resident in San Diego, California, whose main interests in art are male nudes, depicted in drawing and oil painting, and Japanese woodblock print. He was classically trained in Edinburgh, Paris and Tokyo, and he has been collected by many museums worldwide including the Met in New York and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Ron Griswold (USA)
Ron Griswold sees himself more of a craftsman than a poet, finding creativity and expression in the process of painting. He works with indulgent colors and rich textures. His art has no message, it is painted purely for the sensuality, physical beauty and pleasure expressed in the male form.

Ron Griswold
Douglas Simonson (USA)
Douglas Simonson has been creating fine art of the male nude for over forty years, and has collectors in eighty countries. He’s well known for his depictions of men of color in tropical themes. Originally based in Hawaii, he now makes his home in Mexico.

David van der Linden (The Netherlands)
The young models, innocent and powerful in their physical expression, are beautiful to work with and to look at as an artist. The series “Boys Keep Swinging” is intended as an ode to the growing boy and is derived from the song of the same name by David Bowie.

Sepp of ViennaSepp of Vienna (Austria)
Sepp of Vienna comes from the northern part of Lower Austria. He studied graphic design in Vienna at the “Graphische,” works also with photography and lives as artist in Vienna.

Ivan Bubentcov (Russia)
The drawings are basically a series of paradise or famous historical subjects in art or masterpieces. It started with St. Sebastian, ordered by a collector. And it seemed that many other stories deserve a new look.

Your Daily Male 2020, 368 full-color pages, 4.2 centimeters wide, ± 1090 grams, € 33.50 excl. shipping costs (€ 7.50 within The Netherlands and a number of European countries).

The calendar can be ordered at any bookstore, but, of course, is also for sale at Gallery MooiMan.
There is a special offer of € 5.00 discount on shipping costs. By ordering on, use the discount code: YDMGN.




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