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Out & About: Gays Wanted!

by Jurandy Lucas in Nightlife & Reports , 26 December 2017

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length: 5 minuten

Where do you find genuine gays nowadays? That was our rhetorical question. What is her, his or gender-neutral habitat? One category likes to be around the frills of the Rainbow Expo lifestyle fair, while the other is showing off at the Mister Leather Europe contest.

Your reporter with Jennifer Hopelezz at Church
The third is in make-up at Club Church for the Halloween Horror Party, while a mix of people feels at home at a Backdoor party. As you can see: we have been out and about. Read on!

Rainbow Expo

We already had a suspicion when we had received a handful of admission tickets. At our arrival, the empty parking lot at the Beursfabriek in Utrecht was a red flag, and it became abundantly clear when we entered the building. The Rainbow Expo Lifestyle Fair was a disaster. Compared with the number of stands at this lifestyle fair, the number of visitors was low.

And at such a time, you feel looked at. Empty aisles and bored stall holders. Particularly for the stall holders this was dramatic. But where are the lifestyle gays, we pondered? We grabbed each other by the hand and went into the direction of a music podium, where three kids were doing their best to entertain a crowd of about twenty spectators with cosy up-tempo songs.

However, we managed to have a good time! With our camera and as smooth operators discussing “Out & About,” we were talking to people in no time.

Not adverse to the benefits of our journalistic star status, we were offered delicious sweets by a group called Chocolate Bikkels. Joe’s Kitchen added a delicious warm snack of chicken, rice and beans, and OutTV’s marketing man had a couple of prosecco’s left to complete our meal.

Gallery MooiMan’s Sandro Kortekaas (Groningen) was there with a beautiful collection of art work. He was rightly upset that there was very little gay lifestyle at the gay lifestyle fair. Meanwhile, back for another glass of prosecco, we hanged with the OutTV representative for an interesting chat about a possible collaboration with Backdoor at the Melkweg in January.

Unfortunately, we could not find the true gay lifestyle queer at the Rainbow Expo. It was time to leave for our next stop, the rugged Mister Leather Europe election.

Mister Leather Europe

It took a while to reach Undercurrent in Amsterdam North. It was the evening of October 28, and we had a stormy headwind. Leather lovers who were smarter had taken the bus. Once inside we were embraced and warmed by members and guests of the MSA (Motorsportclub Amsterdam) and the European umbrella organization, the ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs). We all came for the Mister Leather Europe 2017 contest.

Seven men in leather - and all winners in their own country - came together to battle it out for the coveted title. We saw misters of seven countries: Italy, Finland, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, and Amsterdam! Mr PolandAmsterdam? We looked at each other. Since when is Amsterdam a country? And is King Willem-Alexander aware of this?

Each mister went on stage and gave his best performance. Mister Finland told a fascinating story that we cannot remember any more, and Mister Poland did a kind of Phantom of the Opera playback - including body paint!

While we waited for the results of the election, we were treated to the music of DJ Rafa Nunes. Last year’s Mister, the Brit Joe King, gave an emotional farewell speech that was well-received. He thanked some people who funnily enough were not present, but perhaps that is a British tradition?

We just clapped and cheered along, and the momènt suprême finally arrived. The announcement of the new Mister Leather Europe. There was silence, followed by noisy and loud cheers, as the new Mister Leather Europe was our very own Raymond Timmer, of the country of Amsterdam! Yayyy!! (We have come to understand that as of 2018 Mister Leather Netherlands will participate in the election, incorporating Mr. Amsterdam.)

Everyone was thrilled! Including the losing Misters, being the good sports they are. It was a heartfelt feeling of brotherhood and brotherly love. We had found true gays that evening. With fresh courage, we jumped on our bikes and this time with a stormy tailwind we went to Club Church for a wonderful Halloween horror party called “Pet Cemetery”!

Club Church

In English they say that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We should let the pictures taken at this party speak for itself. All together now, the dance floor was filled to the brim with ghosts, witches, and other Halloween ghouls.

Church always manages to organize a great party with a great ambiance and at which everyone is equal. Management and staff are attitude-free. Perhaps you will run into a drag queen with a big beard and a firm behind on five-inch heels without knowing that it is Jennifer Hopelezzz, the co-founder of Club Church.

DJ Priszilla was spinning with her characteristic and uplifting disco trance until the wee hours of the night, while the dance floor was busy with these monsters of the night. In between these figures with make-up were the ordinary men and women and everything in between.

Perhaps we did find the first true gay at Club Church. No label, no lifestyle label, no leather outfit, and at times buck naked. Finding our “true gay” was perhaps a “mission accomplished.” Perhaps.

Backdoor Is Moving!

As for our own party in the new year, we are busy with the preparations. Backdoor celebrates three years of parties in Amsterdam, and we will be celebrating this at a great location, the legendary pop temple the Melkweg in the centre of Amsterdam. On January 27, we will present our cooperation with IT’s Party, Disco Total, and Italo Elite. For this, we needed more space.

That is why we’ll go all the way with go-go dancers, light shows, freaky acts, and house music from international superstar DJs. But more about this in the next installment of “Out & About.” We are excited already!

Check out Backdoor Amsterdam on Facebook or visit for the latest information. See you January 27 at our new location, the Melkweg!   Foto's Dave Koster  





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