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Wednesday 01 Apr
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Letter from Brussels: Ignore that Holy Man

by De Ket in Columns & Opinions , 28 November 2015

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

Dear Neighbors to the North, Pope Francis was struggling during and after his media-crazed trip to the United States. Even though he did not mention gay marriage during his speech for the General Assembly of the United Nations, an AFP journalist noticed a subtle hint about his disapproval of it in the text of the speech.

This “hint” was eagerly adopted by lazy journalist who didn’t put in any effort to check the text of the speech online, looking for those words.

Soon after, it appeared that the Holy Man indeed had not mentioned the words “gay marriage.” Those who could read between the lines, were only after discrediting the pope, was the response of some columnists in Flemish media. Those reactions came out before it became public that there had been a secret meeting between the Holy Father and Kim Davis in Washington.

The only thing the pope can be blamed for certainly is the fact that he did not express himself clearly, causing commotion and confusion. But perhaps that was his intention. Fortunately his secret meeting with Kim Davis proves that the man from Rome, and the institute he represents, will never take a shine to homosexuals.

I don’t have a problem with that. The only one’s making a problem of this are homosexuals who are believers. The pope can have an opinion, and so can I. He may hate me, but I do not like him either. 1-1.

Those who are believers, do not need the pope and the church to be believers. Every believer has his or her own way of believing, and should not feel deterred by what the pope says (or does not say).

Of course the pope has secular authority, but that should not be an excuse for screaming bloody murder about things he does or does not say. Just ignore it, and don’t waist any words on this is my advice. Nothing in the bible forbids this.

Hence, a warm appeal to those gay people who keep getting annoyed: only try to embrace things in life that make you feel good. If you are religious, you can pray to God without the Church or his representatives on earth as intermediary. The unbelievers should not get worked up about the pope, he is only a source of irritation.

Ever since I left religion, the pope and the Church behind me, I am not as worried about all sorts of religious commotion. We should all do that more often. It is never too late to make that step in the right direction.

Because God and the Prophet do not exist, and never did.
Unless you ran into them at the Pig Party at Folsom in Berlin.

Yours sincerely,

De Ket



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