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Wednesday 22 Jan
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Unique Insight into Sexual Health LGBTs

by Redaktie in Health & Body , 02 July 2014

Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar

The RWF study ‘Een wereld van verschil - Gezondheid van LHBT's (A World of Difference – The Health of LGBTs) provides a unique insight into the sexual health of lesbian women, homosexual men, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs) and relating factors.

The Rutgers WPF studied just how satisfied LGBTs are about their sex life, what sexual problems they have, and to which extent they are confronted by sexual violence. For the first time ever in The Netherlands, the sexual health of LGBTs in general and in all its aspects has been investigated. The RWF study  shows that sexual violence and behaviour that is crossing the line occurs more frequent in all LGBT groups. Transgenders are less content with their sex life and have more sexual problems than other groups, as becomes clear from the study.

Sexual violence and crossing the line

It is worrisome that LGBTs are often confronted with sexual violence and behaviour that crosses the line. Three quarters of bisexual women, two thirds of lesbian women, fifty percent of homosexual men, one thirds of bisexual men and two thirds of transgenders were confronted with unwanted comments and touches.

Almost a quarter of lesbian women and more than one third of bisexual women was a victim of sexual violence. This also applies to one out of seven gay/bisexual men, and three out of ten transgenders. This can have a severe impact on their psychological and physical health, but also on their social participation. Particularly LGBT youth and young adults that have to deal with sexual violence and behaviour that crosses the line, deserve special attention.

Attention for transgenders

The study shows that the sexual health of transgenders also deserves extra attention. Transgenders are less sexually active and not as happy about their sex life. The sexual problems of transgenders are linked to unhappiness about their body. Transgenders who have undergone surgery have a more positive perception of sex. Transgenders with an unfulfilled wish to make a gender transition are not as happy as transgenders without a wish to undergo a sex change, or those who have already fulfilled their wish.

Good prevention and assistance needed

The current study shows that prevention of sexual violence in the group of LBGTs is of the utmost importance. This with regard to preventing sexual violence, detecting signals at an early stage, and preventing the repetition of violence. Furthermore, transgenders deserve to receive customised and professional help for their sexual problems. Professionals should be LGBT sensitive and capable of incorporating sexual diversity and gender diversity into their professional life.

This publication gives answers to questions such as:
  • Are homosexual men happy about their sex life? How often do lesbian women have sex?
  • How many bisexual men have sex with men? How often do transgenders enjoy sex? Which sexual problems play a part in the lives of lesbian and bisexual women?
  • Do men use a condom when having anal sex with a man? How often does sexual violence occur in the group of transgenders?



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