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Eagle Is Ready To Soar Again

by Pieter Claeys in Nightlife & Reports , 18 June 2012

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length: 4 minuten

From the 18th of April the Eagle is open again. The cruise bar has been completely renovated and to celebrate the opening the Eagle is organizing RECON Full Fetish Amsterdam on Saturday the 19th of May.

Except for a new logo nothing has changed on the outside of the Eagle. The facade has a new coat of paint, but you still have to ring the doorbell to get in. If you’re not paying much attention in the crowded Warmoesstraat you’d walk straight past it without noticing.

Upon entering it’s as if nothing happened, no fire or renovation. The coat check on your left, then a door (now with an artwork of a leather man) and a little further down the bar in exactly the same position, just a little larger and complete with a second, smaller coat check. The weekday coat check because the Eagle will be open seven days a week, Monday to Thursday from 10 p.m. till 4 a.m. and Friday and Saturday night till 5 a.m.

One change is obvious immediately however, the smell of stale beer and old urine has disappeared and everything looks hygienic. Fortunately, because after the fire and subsequent flooding the place had become rather moldy. The foundation has been fixed and the owner invested in a number of exciting renovations.


The owner prefers to remain in the background. Michael Roks, the new general manager of the Eagle as well as it’s little brother Dirty Dicks, says nothing more about his boss. Except that he’s running another business somewhere else, that he chooses to remain private, and that he didn’t take over the bar just to make money.

Michael does confirm that the owner is gay, but adds the mysterious man sometimes needs to be updated on the leather scene and fetish. This shouldn’t pose any problems because Roks is very familiar with the scene.

He used to sell erotic articles via a web shop and organized the “naked dark cruising” and the popular fist parties at Dirty Dicks. His background in marketing and PR is obvious as he points at the energy-saving lighting, boasting his owner is very environment conscious as well. The new lighting does look much better and more exciting, we have to admit. It’s just a detail.


The Eagle still has three areas: the bar on the ground floor, a cruise area upstairs and a darkroom downstairs. First we go upstairs. The cruise area is a lot bigger; there are benches along the wall and there’s room for slings.

The pool table is gone and in the back there are toilets as before. The urinal has become smaller in favor of a douche facility and the squat toilet. We hadn’t seen those squat toilets yet but they’re apparently very popular in the leather scene.

On the wall we see the usual posters of leather and fetish events galore. A few are from the archive of the former owner. Motorbike helmets and pickaxes are hanging from the ceiling. We are especially curious what has been done to the basement. It seems to be an even more exciting place than before.

Cigarette and cigar smokers will certainly appreciate the new smoking room, as well as the gloryhole wall. Slaves and puppies will find a new cage, which can even be closed. The toilets in the back have been replaced by a water sports area, complete with a shower. The emergency exit is made more visible and a new cruising spot has been added. Thresholds are subtly highlighted with led lights, safe and not interfering with the cruisy atmosphere.

Speaking of safety: the Eagle remains a safe sex zone and offers free condoms to customers. (And during the first weeks something else as well, but that’s a secret.)


The new Eagle will have more to offer than just a cruisy night out. Every Thursday there’ll be a CODE NIGHT, which means everybody is welcome ,but only people who wear fetish gear are allowed in the cellar, smoking room included. This way the bar wants to promote fetish wear, without pushing out other people who don’t have fetish wear (yet).

Additionally the Eagle will host special parties such as the big RECON Full Fetish party on Saturday 19th of May. This party features DJ Roberto Varana, who’s style is known as dark and underground. Entrance will be ten bucks, as long as you stick to the dress code (leather, rubber, uniform, skinhead, sports & lycra, boots/jocks and harness). See for more information.


We’ve said it before, although it all looks a bit neater and a bit different the Eagle seems very familiar. Although there’s another thing Roks would like to emphasize: the infamous quarrelous atmosphere of the bar will not return. Drinks are still compulsory but customers who don’t order will be reminded in a more friendly way.

Whether the re-opening of the Eagle will start a leather and fetish renaissance in Amsterdam remains to be seen. It’s clear however, that the city from now on has an extra exciting hotspot to go to.

Check out for more info and follow the bar on Twitter: @EagleAmsterdam.





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