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Sun Strengthens the Immune System

by Jasper van Capelle in Health & Body , 15 May 2012

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It has now become clear that the old and outmoded advice to stay out of the sun and continuously apply sun lotion has led to millions of deaths. Living in the shadow goes hand in hand with cancer, heart problems, obesity, viral infections, and depression. But also for those who are young, and have no interest in the problems the future might bring, vitamin D has everything to offer: Strength, Potency, and a Six-pack.

Sun and Testosterone

By tanning in the nude (without sun lotion) the body produces vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually a hormone that controls three percent of our genes. Among those genes are some that are responsible for the production of testosterone. So, vitamin D is an important vitamin, especially if you realize that the overwhelming majority of the western population has too little vitamin D in its blood.

This is mostly due to the fact that our food does not contain enough vitamin D, and we rely on our own bodies to produce it naturally. Our skin cells transform cholesterol into vitamin D under the benign influence of the sun.
But we do not get enough exposure to the sun to produce enough of it.

The University of Graz in Austria researched the testosterone and vitamin D levels of 2,300 men. The levels of testosterone en vitamin D are synchronously increasing and decreasing. Thanks to testosterone, vitamin D supplies Strength, Potency and Tighter Abs.

Sunbathing does not only prevent cancer, it also helps your immune system. T-cells (white blood cells) can be seen as the commanders of your immune system. A T-cell can destroy a cell that has been infected by a virus. If you want Terminators for T-cells in stead of Sleeping Beauties, swallow 5,000 IU of vitamin D3...

Last year, scientists in Copenhagen discovered that T-cells, which are usually dormant, are only activated when there is enough vitamin D. Without the sun vitamin, they stay asleep and do not attack intruders. Professor Carsten Geisler of the University of Copenhagen says: When a T-cell is subjected to a pathogen, it extends its vitamin D antenna to look for vitamin D. If the T-cell does not find enough of it, it will not spring into action.

In 2010, studies in Japan showed that children given a high dose of vitamin D, are protected against the dangerous flue Influenza A. They reached the same conclusion in an American nursing home, where patients did not get sick, but doctors and nurses did.

Sun Bathing Fights Tuberculosis

Early last century, Tuberculosis was the number one cause of death in The Netherlands. In 1893, the Danish physician Finsen discovered that sunlight can be used to effectively combat Lupus Tuberculosis. In 1903, Niels Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery, and Heliotherapy (sunbathing) became the prescribed treatment world-wide.

Sunbathing, together with Rest, Cleanliness and Order, would become the basic treatment for the deadly disease in a sanatorium. Rich patients went to Switzerland, where success was a certainty due to the more intense rays of sun in the mountains. The poor went to sanatoria, such as Zonnestraal in Loosdrecht, where it would take much longer because of a weaker sun.

With the arrival of cheap antibiotics, the sanatoria disappeared and the powerful healing of the sun was forgotten. As tuberculosis is becoming resistant to antibiotics, natural healing methods made a come-back. Also because the vaccination against tuberculosis only prevents the disease in fifty percent of all cases. TB is back in The Netherlands, and the sanatorium in Groesbeek near Nijmegen is again open.

Vitamin D is back in the picture. What is helpful is that a year’s supply of high-dose vitamin D-3 pills only costs ten Euro in the United States, and therefore is affordable for everyone.

In the United Kingdom, where vitamin D shortage has always been a problem because of the climate, research is in full swing again. A well-known example of this problem is the British disease that affects children, whose bones are so rickety, they can hardly stand on their feet.

Researchers at the Central Middlesex Hospital in London looked at 158 TB patients, and almost all of them had an extremely low level of vitamin D in their blood.

The link between the lack of vitamin D and Tuberculosis explains why most patients are dark skinned in the United Kingdom. With a dark skin color, it is virtually impossible to produce enough vitamin D in the climate of the UK.

Scientist Dr Vassisiki Bravis knows that high levels of vitamin D stops tuberculosis. He calls for “trials” with dark Asian immigrants and vitamin D supplements to prevent Tuberculosis instead of fighting it with antibiotics afterwards.

Sun Vitamins and HIV

In a six-year-trial in Tanzania involving 1,000 HIV positive patients, Harvard University has shown that there is a linear connection between a low vitamin D count and a fast progression of the disease. All of the thousand patients received only multivitamins, without vitamin D or other treatment. Those who stayed in the sun the most, usually stayed healthy. They were also less contagious.

A vitamin D shortage is directly connected to a high mortality rate. Most likely this is why a panel of experts of the American Endocrine Society recommends people with HIV to take a daily dose of vitamin D3 from 6,000 to 10,000 IU. This advice can also be read on the website of the American HIV foundation, based in New York. The Endocrine Society is an authority in the field of research of hormones and glands. Vitamin D is a hormone. Pills of 10,000 IU are not for sale in The Netherlands, but you can produce the same amount in fifteen minute at the solarium, or order them for a couple of Euros in the United States.



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