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You Are What You Eat!

by Jasper van Capelle in Health & Body , 12 October 2011

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length: 11 minuten

Hippocrates (460-350 BC), the father of Western medicine, already said: “Let our food be our medicine.” Hippocrates didn’t think illness was brought on by angry gods or simple bad luck. He thought ailments were natural and mainly caused by a wrong diet and a lack of exercise. Hippocrates gained eternal fame by clearing Athens from the plague at 430 BC. He himself remained healthy till the end and died when he was ninety years old.

Doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath, but have forgotten what it stands for. Their education focuses on illnesses, operations and drugs, but dietary studies are absent. So doctors know very little on nutrition and you might as well ask your hairdresser for dietary advice. Hippocrates would turn in his grave if he saw the candy and soft drink vendor machines in hospitals. He’d hate the sight of lazy fat kids racing around on candy scooters through Disney Land.

Over the past forty years America has gotten really fat; seventy-three percent of the cowboys are overweight. The Dutch are growing as well, and not just lengthwise. It won’t be long before we’ll see the first fat kids on candy scooters with an insulin drip racing through the Efteling to Holle Bolle Gijs; kids that are not physically able to go for a stroll.

The Greek body culture of exercising naked in the sun and bathe together, “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) is forgotten completely in Western society.

Western Countries Are Getting Sicker

The Dutch have an average life expectancy of 79,8 years and Americans 78 years. The number of years without a chronic disease has gone down in the West over the past thirty years. In 1980 the Dutch were without illness on average until their fifty-eighth, now it has gone down to only forty-five.

Today’s adolescents have ten percent less power and fewer healthy teeth (apple juice!) than thirty years ago. The average American acquires a chronic illness on his thirty-fifth.

Diabetes, heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. There are twelve chronic diseases which form the international standard and they are all induced by an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical exercise. Genetically we are still living in the Stone Age (Paleo), so we shouldn’t be eating deep fried or highly processed food, white bread or sugar at all. Our Paleo menu should have fresh meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts. No refined grains or apple juice.

The Japanese have the best diet and they are healthy; Americans ignore the law of nature and pay the price for their flour and sugar consumption with chronic diseases. Half of an American’s life is filled with operations and drug programs. Americans spend eight thousand dollars per year (seventeen percent of their income) on healthcare and this figure is only going up. Thirty million Americans are shooting insulin to be able to deal with what they eat.

The American Meat Mincer

A cow is supposed to eat grass and clovers in the field. Clovers and grass are like algae for fish: filled to the brim with Omega 3 fats.

So, if we eat healthy cattle including their organs we will stay healthy too. But Fast Food Nation America has lost touch with nature and has become the sickest nation on earth.

The award winning documentary “Food, Inc.” shows a side of fast food and the American beef industry you probably don’t want to see at all.

The image of a thousand sick and ulcerated corn fed cows, pumped full of growth hormones but cripple, on a conveyor belt in a dark meat factory. The belt takes them to an immense mincer that hacks up and mixes the meat, and all the germs as well. The pulp is then sterilized by heat and ammoniac so they get an even product of constant quality. One hamburger can contain meat from over a thousand unhealthy cows.

Fructose Has Made America Fat

Since 1970 America manufactures its sugar from corn. Corn sugar is basically fructose sugar and fructose is in all prepackaged products in the American supermarket. On University of California Television you can watch a lecture of professor Robert Lustig, in which he explains how fructose has made America grossly fat. Lustig thinks fructose is more poisonous than alcohol; he tells us all about it on “Sugar, the Bitter Truth.”

You can find it on YouTube. It should be compulsory for overweight people to watch this, so they get an understanding on how they’re stuffing themselves with low-fat food filled with fructose. I know this because in the supermarket I can tell whether a shopper is overweight just by looking at what they’ve got in their cart. If it’s filled with a lot of fruit juices, sports drinks, white bread and low-fat products it usually belongs to a fat person.

If you don’t feel like a lecture of more than an hour filled with figures and graphics: fructose changes a human being into a greedy fat bastard. Fructose is a poison for your body and is transported straight to the liver, which changes into a crazed fat factory. Fructose changes into organ fat (fatty liver or heart) and remains in the belly area.

The biggest disadvantage of fructose is that it doesn’t satisfy, you only get more hungry. Research shows that someone who’s drunk coke eats more than someone who’s had a glass of water. Fructose is probably the cause of the oversized and supersized portions in American restaurants. Otherwise it’s simply not enough to satisfy people.

Fructose creates cancer cells. Nobel Prize winner Warburg discovered in 1924 that cancer cells feed with sugar. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, the trick is to keep the numbers down.

The University of California has discovered last year that fructose provides the sugar needed for the increase of cancer cells, the spreading of the cancer basically. But fruit also contains fructose, doesn’t it? Fructose is fruit sugar but fruit hardly contains it. Fruit juices, our teeth’s biggest enemy, however, are stuffed with it.

An unpeeled apple contains ten grams of fructose and is healthy to eat: there are lots of fibers and vitamins in the peel. By chewing enzymes are activated to digest the apple. A Starbucks’ glass of apple juice has no peel whatsoever, so also no fibers and much too much fructose (forty grams). Drinking apple juice is a sure way to get a fat belly fast, and ruin your teeth as well.

Wisdom Comes From The East

The countries with the highest life-expectancy can be found in Asia. Record holder is Japan with eighty-three, followed closely by Singapore, the Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwan and South Korea.
The East views food as the most important medicine and after a life eating raw fish, meat and vegetables a Japanese man contracts a modern disease at seventy-five, from which he dies eight years later. Japan and the Asian Tiger economies spend two-thousand dollars (five percent) per year on health care. In Japan obesity and diabetes are rare. They even have this bizarre fine system.

Companies get fat-taxed if their employees’ bellies exceed ninety centimeters. Their circumference is measured annually by a doctor. If someone’s found with too big a belly he gets a month to correct it. If he fails the measuring again his family is called in to get measured too. The whole family could be sent off to a weight-loss center where they will get educated on how to change their diet and avoid empty calories without any nutrition. The Japanese don’t need the insulin injections that make our healthcare so expensive.

The Japanese Love The Right Fats

A Japanese Wagyu-cow gets the best grass and lots of space in green rolling hills. The cow is massaged, has a personal coach for exercises and even drinks a beer every now and then, just to relax and as an appetizer. After a happy number of years the cow is quickly killed, in the night, away from the other animals so it causes them no stress. Wagyu meat tastes so good because of delicious fats and no stress hormones. The Japanese know that an animal also is what it eats.

The Japanese beef, like the fatty fish, in Tokyo’s quality restaurants is usually served almost raw. If you want your steak well done the chef will very politely direct you to the nearest McDonalds.

The Japanese Wagyu cow beef contains all the good fats and protein we need. The Japanese are fishing the oceans dry because they know that a wild tuna or salmon is better than corn fed farmed fish. Japan opts for organic fatty fish and organic fatty meats and stays away from fructose.

A typical Japanese meal will have five little containers and only one of them will have rice, while in America over half of the meal will consist of grains.

Japan uses Stevia as a sweetener, it’s of plant matter from the Amazon and has no calories, so it prevents diabetes instead of causing it, like sugar does. And they drink green tea instead of soft drinks full of sugar. Green tea offers something that protects you from lung cancer, which is probably the explanation of the “Japanese Smokers’ Paradox.” Almost all the men smoke but they don’t get lung cancer as often as Americans, who smoke much less.

The Lessons Of Jack LaLanne

“Exercise is king, nutritious diet’s queen, together you have a kingdom,” was Jack LaLanne’s motto. LaLanne (1914-2011), the fitness guru and nutrition expert who died at the side of his pool at ninety-seven. LaLanne exercised up to the last day of his life, a minimum of two hours and did a thousand push-ups a day.

“The Godfather of Fitness and Body Building” started his first gym in San Francisco in 1936. You could train there and get personal coaching on diet and nutrition. He started the fitness revolution so that now even in Holland we can visit a gym in nearly every town in the country.

From the fifties till 1985 “The Jack LaLanne Show” was a big hit in the States. LaLanne and his dog Happy urged kids to go wake up their mothers and have them work out in front of the television. The exercises Jack performed didn’t require special tools, only a chair and a towel. In rest breaks he’d talk about what to eat and what not.

(Foto: Jack-LaLanne & Jack-Thomas)

Fifty years ago he foretold that sugar addiction is worse than alcohol and that it was going to be the sugar addiction that would make America the sickest country in the world. In 1968 Jack LaLanne (54 years old) beat 21-year old Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was already Mr. Europe, on Muscle Beach California. Godfather Jack took him under his wing and in 1970 Schwarzenegger became Mr. Olympia, a title he held till 1980. After that Arnold became Terminator and the hero of America, and Governor in California.

Change In A Healthy Primitive

A healthy lifestyle is first and foremost fun. You become sexy, muscular and tanned, you feel better. It’s great to not get ill anymore and have healthy teeth. A good start is to give all your sugar, your cookies and soft drinks to someone... you hate. No more added sugar, only perhaps Stevia sweeteners. Flour products, margarine and the deep frying pan can be binned, it’s chemical waste really; you’re going to use olive oil.

Get cash out (research has shown that you shop more healthy with cash) and you scour the other sides of the supermarket. Advertisements are suspect, broccoli doesn’t need a commercial. You go for raw unrefined organic meats and fish, for example Greenfield’s beef and herring. You hunt down natural foods actually. Organic bread is from lala-land, you won’t find that in nature so skip it. No potatoes. The primitive man wouldn’t go for a spud if there’s better around. Rice, sugar corn and pasta you can skip as well.

Eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, eggs, unsalted nuts, raw milk products, garlic and other herbs. Red wine with dinner is good, otherwise water is all you need, plus a little coffee and tea. Three eggs with mushrooms, onions, bacon and tomatoes fried in olive oil is a fine breakfast. Replace toast with slices of cucumber for salmon snack.

Daily doses of sunshine give you a testosterone boost, which you can use for your workout. No skipping but weight lifting. A good gym smells of men’s sweat, has weights of fifty kilos and you can pay them cash, otherwise there will be no “Terminators” around to push you.

(Jack LaLanne op de cover van Strength & Health, juli 1954)

If you work out three times a week your muscles will start to grow and that uses up a lot of energy. Power training is the most effective way to lose weight. One hour of power lifting burns off a thousand calories, most of which (800) as an after effect in the healing process. Go for a run in the morning before breakfast to blow out your lungs. Kick sugar to the curb and the healthy primitive you will emerge!


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