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Friday 18 Oct
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Issue 339, November 2019 - Out Now!

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Welcome to Gay News ®
Holland's (only) gay monthly - Editorials, What's on & Where to go





Tips for Today & spotlight coming up

Today/ Vandaag 16:00
Gay ADE: Amsterdam D at Citywide, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 18:00
GayDE Demo Drop whit at The Web, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 21:30
Local Heroes of Hous at The Queens Head, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 22:00
(z)onderbroek at Club Church, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 22:00
Pam-Pams Dragtastic at Blend, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 22:00
ADE Deep Sugar Sweet at Club YOLO, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 23:00
Club Eagle- Dj Mally at Eagle, Amsterdam

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Welcome to Gay News ®
Holland's (only) gay monthly - Editorials, What's on & Where to go
  • From our Editors
    The Palestinian Authority (PA) has prohibited all meetings of the LGBTQ organization Al-Qaws on the West Bank. This was reported by The Jerusalem Post. > Read the full story
  • by Wil Groot
    It is Wednesday afternoon. Taking shelter from the rain occasionally, I am cycling to the city district Amsterdam East with Ambassador Raymond and his friend, both in leather. When we arrive, we are welcomed by a colourful and vibrant scene. > Read the full story 4 min.
  • by Ron Meijer
    Tchaikovsky started his professional life as a civil servant, then went to study music at the St Petersburg Conservatory, and subsequently became a teacher at the same conservatory. By the summer of 1867 he had already written his first piano pieces and had them published. > Read the full story

/ by De Ket / October 14

No Genetic Difference Between "Gay" and "Straight" People: Curse or Blessing?

Dear Neighbors to the North, "Homosexuality will never be detectable through a blood test," the Flemish media reported in capitals some weeks ago. An international study shows that there are only five places in which hom........ read more...

The gay gene does not exist, but the straight gene does not exist either. Sexuality is diverse and cannot be predicted with a DNA test. This is the outcome of a large international study that investig.. > read the full story

health & body

From October 24 to October 27 the twenty-third edition of Leather & Fetish Pride Amsterdam will be organized. During these four days Amsterdam’s city centre will be the focal point of the leather an.. > read the full story

events & agenda

It is time again for Leather Pride Amsterdam in the weekend of October 24-27! It will be a long weekend with various leather and fetish events, such as parties, elections, socials, a leather dinner, l.. > read the full story

events & agenda

"Creative thinking inspires ideas, and ideas inspire change” (Barbara Januszkiewicz). In front of me is Tony de Wilde, brand manager of the Mister B leather shop, who, as a creative thinker, keeps a.. > read the full story

scene length: 5 min.

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis wants to start a conversation within his party about same-sex marriage. He is a member of the Dutch socially-conservative Christian party the Christenunie (CU). > read the full story

history & politics

It’s been more than ten years since Elliott Matos and Benjamin Aillery are doing gay event programming during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The ADE has fast become the world’s largest and leading con.. > read the full story

events & agenda

The history of a “Grand Dame” was screened on August 7 in Amsterdam’s movie theater Pathé de Munt, and showing on that same evening in Zwolle, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The cinema was f.. > read the full story

films & books

"Pride started as a protest", one often hears, but what many people forget is that Pride is still a protest in many countries. In Georgia, for instance, where activists tried to organize a Pride and w.. > read the full story

nightlife & reports length: 5 min.
/ by Gert Hekma / September 21

Stonewall’s Fiftieth Anniversary

On June 28, 1969, the police raided the gay bar the Stonewall Inn. Raids were not uncommon then, and while the visitors usually went peacefully, they opposed the cops that evening. It was the beginning of a few days of v........ read more...

It is around five o’clock on Sunday afternoon when we are riding the tube and are told that it will no longer depart. Problems with the doors. Apparently, they are not closing. O well, we’ll just .. > read the full story

nightlife & reports length: 4 min.

For young black gay men it can be difficult to find their way in this world. What does it mean to be young, black and gay? Guilliano (26) is the founder of The Kiki House of Angels, a Vogue dance comm.. > read the full story

films & books

On paper, the Netherlands is an LGBTI-friendly country, but in practice, LGBTIs do not all feel free to be who they are. This is the conclusion of a survey by TV News programme EenVandaag among three .. > read the full story

history & politics

Astrid Oostenburg, President of gay interest group COC Netherlands, and Philip Tijsma (Chairman of COC's working group Politics) called on the Dutch government and parliament to anchor gay rights in t.. > read the full story

history & politics

The underwear brand Comfyballs originates in Norway. Motivated by the lack of functionality and innovation in men’s basics underwear, Comfyballs started in 2012 with the development of exclusive men.. > read the full story

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