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Issue 340, December 2019 - Out Now!

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Welcome to Gay News ®
Holland's (only) gay monthly - Editorials, What's on & Where to go





Tips for Today & spotlight coming up

Today/ Vandaag 12:30
Dare Ladies: DARE Fe at COC Haaglanden, Den Haag

Today/ Vandaag 16:00
Meat Market at Club Church, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 17:00
Sportswear Sneaker S at The Web, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 18:00
Bingo with Dame Dora at Spijkerbar, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 20:00
Sneakfreaxx Party XL at Eagle, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 21:30
Queens in Queens at The Queens Head, Amsterdam

Today/ Vandaag 22:00
Bi(z)onderbroek at Club Church, Amsterdam

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Welcome to Gay News ®
Holland's (only) gay monthly - Editorials, What's on & Where to go
  • by Wil Groot
    Give kids a fighting chance . . . .to further develop themselves. Give them knowledge, so that they can develop themselves, because every child has received the gift to enrich diversity in this world. Children are the future and we are their example. > Read the full story 5 min.
  • From our Editors
    Arosa Gay Ski Week, which will be held from January 18 till January 25, 2020, is known as Europe’s favorite winter pride festival. Hundreds of gay men and women travel annually to Arosa, Switzerland in January, for the friendly week-long celebration, supported by locals and the community. > Read the full story
  • Column, by Rick van der Made
    I’m actually in Spain writing this, on the island of Gran Canaria. It is late October, and there is unrest in the Catalonia region. While watching the news reports about the rebellious region, I wonder where from Spain Saint Nicholas is actually leaving for the Netherlands with his steamboat. Valencia? Malaga? Or the rebellious Barcelona? > Read the full story 4 min.

/ From our Editors / December 04

New Stars and Old Hit Acts in Seventh Season Symphonica in Rosso

Again this year, a series of sparkling shows from “Travestiecabaret Amsterdam” are scheduled. The ingredients are the same, with live songs, self-written or adapted, cabaret-like sketches, and variété. Topped with ........ read more...

Through my network I come into contact a lot with others who also work in Africa. Nico Hollander is one of those people who dedicates himself to the cause in his work as a pastor. He lives and works i.. > read the full story

health & body

The GLBT community in Georgia, where homophobic and transphobic organizations belong to the mainstream, is literally being hit hard. The fear of being banished was deeply felt by cast and crew when .. > read the full story

films & books

“Well, if it isn’t Mr. Writer.” Next to me I sense Hans Verhoeven’s smile. We welcome each other as buddies. “Getting straight to the point, are you aware of the GLBTI homeless youth in the .. > read the full story

health & body length: 4 min.

Since June 2019, The Netherlands has a new Mister Sportswear, Anton. Our Mister Sportswear has been very active since his election, traveling Europe and participating at various Pride events and march.. > read the full story

events & agenda

Between the swirling cranes and the industrial track of the port of Amsterdam lies the "Thuishaven", the Cultural Free Port of the city. At this free-spirited location, Sijm Circus & Events presents .. > read the full story

events & agenda

Last October, to be precise the 29th, it was seventy-five years ago that my home town of Breda was liberated. Both of my parents had consciously witnessed the Second World War and the German occupatio.. > read the full story

columns & opinions length: 6 min.

Whistle-blower Ms Shuping Wang died at the age of 59. In the 1990s, she raised the alarm about the blazing fast spread of Hepatitis C and HIV in China. > read the full story


Thanks to pioneering research by scientists of the University Hospital UZ Gent, the cure for HIV patients is one step closer. The study identified where "residual virus" is found in the body during t.. > read the full story

health & body
/ From our Editors / November 09

Pioneering Report Exposes Global Reach of Conversion Therapy

A groundbreaking report recently released by the GLBT human rights organization OutRight Action International exposes the global reach of so-called conversion therapy. read more...

In February 2019, photographer Ewoud Broeksma passed away completely unexpectedly at the age of sixty-one. He was a striking photographer primarily known for his many nude photos of top athletes, such.. > read the full story

theatre, art & expo length: 6 min.

The new year has finally officially started. On October 1, we began as the new board of A.S.V.Gay and this tenth board is now ready to take up its duties. We have officially waved goodbye to the ninth.. > read the full story

columns & opinions

From November 20 until December 1 the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) will again transform the cinema landscape of Amsterdam into a true paradise for fans of creative documentary movies.. > read the full story

films & books length: 4 min.

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